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Anna Delta
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Hello! I'm an amateur photographer and writer, and a Physics-Math university student living in Canada.
  • Listening to: Outsider Resident Evil Remix - A Perfect Circle
  • Watching: BSG
  • Playing: Warcraft
  • Drinking: Water
Yeah, hi again. It's been about 4 and a half months. I get to lazy with this account, it's sad, really.

High School is ok, mid terms went fine. Starting the ramp up to finals now, which should go ok as well.

My camera is broken! Yeah, that happened this morning actually, there's something wrong with the lens. We're going to get it sent off to Canon Canada, and it's under warranty, so it'll be fine. I just hope it's back in time for Italy, which is this summer!

Also of note, we went to Calgary and Las Vegas over Easter. It was awesome, I'll post some pictures of this later. There'll be more of a description of what I did there with the pictures; I don't want to clog up my journal too much. However, I'll highlight some things.
Calgary was really fun. My Mom was there on buisness, so it was mostly my Dad and I hanging out. We went mainly to Banff National Park with my Aunt and cousins. It's right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, so I got a lot of experience with landscape photography.
Las Vegas was just frakking (cough) awesome. We stayed at the MGM Grand, "The Green Monster." We also rented a 2010 yellow camaro! Really comfy, actually. We were out walking a lot, and we also went to the Hoover Dam. I stood in the same spot that Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox stood! I feel special >:D

About that cough, after my Dad and I finished Star Trek, all 7 seasons, we moved onto Battlestar: Galactica.
IT. IS. SO. COOL. Character, sets, atmosphere, story, long-term arcs (!!!), it all comes together to make the best show I've ever seen. We've just started season 3, and it's still awesome.

My writing's gone well too. I had this English creative project last month, were you could do any art form you wanted. I did a prequel to a story that I wrote back in Grade 8, and re-wrote in Grade 9. I'm planning on turning the entire thing into a novel series at some point. Once I link the two stories together properly, I *will* be posting it here. I might post some other thing's from it as well, but not a lot from this...series-thing will go up here. All in all, it sort of feels like my writing's taken off, which I feel good about.

Speaking of books, I finished the Twilight series! Sweet mother of crap!
The first book honestly had the potential to be a good book. Besides the lack of plot, the tacked on ending, and the beginnings of the horrible relationship between Edward and Bella, it honestly wasn't that bad. Oh, ingnoring the overuse of adverbs as well.
New Moon, at some points was better, and at other points was horrifically worse. Any scene that Jacob was in was better, because we actually get to see Bella operate like a normal human being. One chapter in particular was my favorite in the whole series, and I found almost nothing wrong with it at all.
Eclipse was worse. It felt a little more complete plot wise, but the vampires are so *stupid* sometimes, mainly with the issue of Victoria. The fight also sucked; we get a 3rd person description from Boring-ward. However, it appears that the director for the Eclipse movie is actually doing the big battle, so props to this guy!
Breaking Dawn - holy CRAP. Considering the fact that there are people who *love* the first three books, then refuse to acknowledge the fourth as part of the series, you know it's bad. There was almost nothing good about this book. The only, and I mean the *only* good things in the book *at all* were Seth, Leah, and Emmett. That was it.
In conclusion, Twilight sucks. The end.

I also got an Xbox! :D Halo is awesome. No arguments, the graphics, gameplay, multiplayer, voice work, characters, story, history, backstory, music, and overall fun come together to create the best game I've ever played. I participated in the Halo:Reach beta as well - it's going to be awesome. EBGames says the tenative date is September 1st, which is a lot earlier than I expected. Also comming out soon is a Transformers game, War for Cybertron. It's in it's own continuity, which is really nice, I hope it goes well. Starcraft 2 is set for July 27th, which I'll be getting, but mainly for the campaign. I've never been a huge fan of multiplayer RTS, but Starcraft's story is really good. Also, there's World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. There's no release date yet, but I can do some guessing. The opt-in for the beta has just started, so I'll going to guess the beta is going to be during the summer. There's no way that Blizzard would release Starcraft 2 and WoW:Cat together; one would kill the other. I'd say we could except Cat to ship around the same time Wrath did, in the fourth quater, after Starcraft 2's sales start to dip. The only confirmed thing from Blizz is that it's definately comming out in 2010, so we won't have to wait too long whenever it decides to come out. Whatever date, I'm excited. Deathwing FTW. My Warcraft in general is doing good too, 2 80's, a 40-ish moving up the ranks, and my main is starting heroics!

Moving back to my writing, aside from the big book thingy I'm doing, I've also been trying to up my writing in general. One-shots and short stories are now my favorite things to do, and I always have some ideas bouncing around in my head. I've settled down with my writing, so I'm no longer nervous about it, I feel a lot more comfortable with just sitting down and writing. The sitting down is the hard part; either I have too many ideas, or I'm doing something else. Either way, I'm writing a lot more, and I'm happy.

Oh, right, dA changed itself! I'm ok with it, except for the fact that all the photos and stuff appear blurry for awhile when you first load them, and when you fullview them. Feels really laggy sometimes, but beyond that, I like it.

In other news, I saw Ironman 2 the other day. AWESOME. It's not as good as the first, but the margin is really, really small. If the first movie was a 10, the second is a 9.7. Epic, epic movie.
As for Transformers 3, I honestly can't wait. Transformers 2 was an attempted fan-movie. They didn't lay everything infront of you in a nice little understandable line, and I like that. There was a lot of stuff in there for the fans, some of it was hidden, too (Who else heard Sam say 'Sentinel Prime' in his rant?). Stuff like the entire idea of the Fallen was awesome too. They did go too far, though. While there was a lot more focus on the Transformers (awesome), there were so many that the characters themselves didn't get fleshed out (not so awesome). Contrary to popular belief, that *was* there in the first movie. It was sort of out of the way, but scenes like Ratchet and Ironhide shoving eachother around were there, and they were great. I hope they do it again in T:3. Keep the Transformers-focus of the second movie, but try and go back to the story and feeling they had in the frist one. Then it'll be perfect.

Anyway, I'll be posting some new pictures later, and probably re-organizing my deviations folder. The photography is ordered a little weird, so I'll be changing it around to make some more sense.




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